COLUMBIA CITY – The Whitley County Master Gardeners will present seven local gardens for view June 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The following gardens, all in Columbia City, are open for view:
1. Mark and Jo Overdeer, 3363 E. Cider Mill Road
2. Marc and Janice Daniel, 366 N. CR 150E
3. Dave and Joy Heinbaugh, 305 N. Whitley St.
4. C. Taron and Gloria Smith, 106 E. Jefferson St.
5. Hank Workman, 111 E. Jackson St.
6. Paul and Winifred Morsches, 910 W. Dogwood Drive
7. Richard and Elaine Rider, 972 W. Dogwood Dr.
The tour may be driven from garden 1 to 7 or backwards from 7 to 1.
If driven from 1 to 7, start from Columbia City at the intersection of U.S. 30 and Ind. 205, proceed east for 2.9 miles to Cider Mill Road. Turn left and drive .6 miles to Garden 1 on the right.
If driving in the opposite direction, start at Van Buren (old U.S. 30) and Walnut St. Proceed .8 miles, heading west to Dogwood Road. Turn right and follow signs on the left to Garden 7.
Cost of the garden walk is $7.
The Whitley County master gardener organization is active and welcomes master gardeners from other counties or states and interns who want to join the group.
The local group is planning educational activities and seminars for the community. They have established and maintained the gardens at the 4-H fairgrounds and most of the gardens in the various parks in the community.
In addition, they host a local garden walk each year and a winter/spring symposium along with three seminars on gardening topics for the community at the annual 4-H fair.
If you like to get your hands dirty, work hard, assist with projects or presentations, continually learn or just enjoy creating beautiful gardens, become a master gardener and be a part of an active organization that not only adds beauty to the community  but contributes to its well-being.
To become certified as a master gardener, participants must complete the Purdue University Master Gardener Program, which consists of at least 35 classroom hours, pass an examination and volunteer a minimum of 35 hours, representing the Purdue Master Gardener Program.
Participants of the program who have passed the examination are considered a master gardener “intern” until they complete their 35 hours of volunteering.
This program is offered every few years at Whitley County’s Purdue University Extension Office.
Contact the Extension office at 244-7615 for more information.