Warsaw Community Public Library Board of Directors Monday approved a resolution to purchase property.

The property will allow the library to create additional parking spaces for library patrons and employees.

The board approved the library purchasing Windy's Service Inc. property, 229 E. Center St., subject to environmental testing of the property.
The goal is to expand parking and create 10 to 12 additional parking spaces, according to WCPL Director Ann Zydek. A parking lot plan will still need to be approved by the board.

The library currently has approximately 70 parking spaces available.

Zydek said the library has been exploring adding more parking spaces ever since the current lot started filling up to capacity.

Many library visitors have pointed out how far they had to walk to find a parking spot when using the library, according to Zydek.

When the Windy's Service Inc. property went on the market a few years ago, the library saved up funds in its library improvement reserve fund to purchase it.

The project was on hold for several years because of delays in receiving mid-year tax revenues, Zydek said. This year, the library received summer distribution revenues at the expected time, allowing the library to purchase the real estate.

She said more people are using the library to select reading, viewing, and listening resources and participate in library programs and services.

In 2008, the library had 264,160 in-person visits; there were 549,245 items checked out; 19,599 people attended 694 programs; and 48,051 people used the Internet.

Also during the meeting, the board approved salary and wage adjustments based on the library's starting wage and salary to maximum wage and salary table.

The board approved new staff classifications at its Aug. 31 meeting for current library employees retroactive to July 24. This puts the library compliance with new federal minimum wage rate changes that went into effect July 24.

The Indiana Library and Historical Board recently approved for all Indiana Public Libraries to have new certification classifications and non-certification staff classifications.

This made WCPL's prior staff classifications obsolete. WCPL's new staff classifications are now in line with the new state classifications, Zydek said.