The Warsaw/Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously to send a letter to local federal elected officials and Senator Max Baucus, chairman, US Senate Finance Committee, opposing the proposed medical devices manufacturers' fee of $4 billion per year.

Three of the five major US producers of hips, knees, spinal, wrists, shoulders, cranial and other medical devices are in Kosciusko County.
In 2007 one-third of the jobs in the county were in manufacturing, according to statistics from Indiana Business Research Center, Indiana Universityís Kelley School of Business.

The Chamber Board letter states, in part, "Our medical device companies will be affected by health care reform proposals even if this onerous surcharge would not be imposed directly on them. Because their customers are hospitals, clinical labs, durable medical equipment providers and imaging services, which are proposed to receive less in reimbursements through the health care reform plan, it is estimated that $15-$17 billion will be cut from the medical device manufacturers."

There are 21 members of Chamber Board of Directors representing large and small companies, education, financial institutions and utilities.